North American Bancard cash advance program

Our cash advance program will provide you with working capital that you can use to advertise, remodel, expand your business, and much more.  A sluggish economy can be hard on a business.  We understand! You must continue to grow your business while at the same time cover your expenses.  Fortunately, an advance on your merchant account is a great alternative.  You might not have access to a credit line, or maybe you don’t have time to go through a lengthy application process, in either case an advance can be helpful.

A cash advance is more flexible as compared to a conventional loan because there is no fixed monthly payment. Your advance and payment amount is based on your future sales rather than being fixed. You pay back the advance through a small agreed upon percentage of your daily credit card sales.  You make payments while you make sales, in contrast to being locked into a fixed monthly payment when sales are low.  The advance does not have to be paid off during any particular time frame either.  For these reasons, a cash advance is more convenient and flexible than a conventional loan.

Most importantly, you do not have to put up collateral or pay off the advance in any given time frame.


You will benefit from a cash advance because:

  • There is no lengthy loan application process
  • You do not have to undergo a credit check
  • No collateral is required
  • There is no fixed monthly payment
  • There is no fixed time frame for repaying the advance
cash advance

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