What is a credit card reader?

A credit card reader gives you the ability to accept credit cards using an iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.  A credit card swiper has a small dongle that attaches to your mobile device by plugging it into either the headphone or auxiliary plug of a tablet. (See below).  A credit card reader also comes with a mobile app that is used to process credit card payments.

credit card reader

Benefits of using a credit card reader

With a credit card reader you take the sale to your client.  Talk about convenience!  This mobile point of sale solution is secure and comes packed with features via a mobile app.  You can accept credit cards, make refunds, and even accept cash payment. Furthermore, a credit card reader is hands down the most flexible credit card processing solution.


About our FREE credit card reader

When you sign up for a new merchant account with Total Merchants Services we provide you with a FREE Payment Jack credit card reader.  That’s right, there is no upfront fee for the swiper. The mobile app is also free.

payment jack credit card reader

Features Include:

  • Payment Jack enables you to accept every major credit card with your mobile phone. This includes MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover.
  • Set a tax rate and it will auto calculate into the total sale.
  • It is easy to accept tips.
  • All transactions are recorded and can be exported for better management and organization.
  • Keep track of customer contact details and build up customer base for targeted marketing.
  • Offline transactions are available when you do not have access to a cellular or WiFi signal.  Transactions are stored securely until you can upload them at a later time.
  • You can issue receipts to your customers immediately or email receipts to your customers’ email addresses.  This is true for cash or credit payments.
  • Payment Jack credit card processing is quick and professional.
  • All payments are encrypted to ensure protection for you and your customers.
  • With Payment Jack you can process and record voids and refunds for credit and cash transactions.

Receive your FREE credit card machine when you sign up for a merchant account!

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