Crafters can accept credit cards with ease & flexibility
using a free, mobile credit card machine

Hold onto your dream

You started crafting because you love to work with your hands and found great satisfaction in the final product. Later, you made the decision to sell your crafts and have since coupled the joy of crafting with a desire to earn extra income. Now, the challenge is to create an atmosphere where you can continue to enjoy your gift in the midst of all your business demands. This can be accomplished by simplifying and growing your business at the same time by using a mobile credit card machine.

The easy way to grow your craft business

One of the easiest ways to grow your craft business is to accept credit cards as payment. It has been reported by crafters that their sales increased by as much as 35% when they began to offer their customers the option of paying by credit card.

Your craft sales will increase because:

  • By accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other major credit cards, you are providing a means of payment to customers who do not like to carry cash to craft shows.
  • Recent studies have shown that paying by credit card is now more popular then cash or checks.
  • Furthermore, it has been proven that customers are more likely to make spontaneous purchases when they can use their credit card.  Of course spontaneous purchases are what craft shows are all about!
  • Accepting credit cards enables you to expand into mail order, phone order, and internet sales as well.

Your expenses will decrease because

Taking payment with a mobile credit card machine provides a benefit to you as well! Credit card sales carry much less risk then personal checks that can bounce, because a charge is approved on the spot. Also, personal checks involve a paper trail, meaning additional time and expense.

Free to roam

Total Merchant Services offers the easiest, most affordable way to accept credit cards while maintaining the ease in which you move from location to location.

A wireless merchant account can often be the answer for a business that is on the move. By using a mobile credit card machine, a business owner can process credit card transactions at any remote location.

Sign up now and receive a free mobile credit card machine!

A mobile credit card machine is offered free of charge to all new retail customers and delivered right to your door. You can begin to accept credit card payments almost immediately.

Features include:

  • No application or set-up fee
  • No annual fee
  • Low rates, free state-of-the art terminals
  • Terminal is shipped free, 2nd day air
  • Credit card machine is programmed for free & training is free
  • Tech support is available 24/7
  • Free online merchant account can be accessed 24/7

Tailor made just for you

At Total Merchant Services we take great pride in our ability to recommend the perfect merchant account for your craft show business. Our many years of experience, low rates, and desire to see your business succeed all work together to provide you with the best merchant account possible.

What you see is what you get

Integrity and honesty is our guarantee to you as a valued customer. We fully disclose all costs associated with opening an account so that you can make an educated decision. There are absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

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